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The one and only Internet Browser with an integrated feed-back channel

The <WebTourCreator> allows anyone without programming knowledge to display questions or comments on any existing website.

A <WebTour> means grouping together websites to be visited, which the author presents to the Internet user to answer on screen-displayed questions. The answers are then relayed to the author via a feedback channel.

The <WebTourCreator> is purely internet based and does not need any installation procedure. It does not need any installation procedure. The generated <WebTour> is also web-based and gets saved on the internet.

Only a simple three-click procedure is required to create a <WebTour>:

  1. Enter the URL to which questions or text should be displayed
  2. Formulate questions
  3. Insert answer possibilities. Procedure complete.

Potential Applications




  • guided tours
  • quiz questions
  • advertisements
  • web-based employee training courses
  • e-learning & e-training & exams
  • website tests
  • opinion polls and questionnaires
  • customer information
  • interactive job applications
  • and so much more

The <WebTourCreator> is always available in its latest version. There is no need to buy updates or upgrades.

Try it out. You will be surprised how simple and effective the tool is. With a bit of fantasy you will quickly recognise the vast scope of potential applications that you yourself can create. Just log in and create your first <WebTour>.

Patent EP 1 538 811
Patent US 7,860,979


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